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    Random Surf

    We are nowhere, and it’s now

    “Growing up on the farm, I feel so lucky that was our childhood. I am not saying it is the best way but it’s a very happy healthy lifestyle. We never…

  • tan+and+waxed

    The Atlantic Equipment Project

    Our friend Ashleigh recently has recently released a bunch of rad bags for the outdoor enthusiasts like myself. Here’s a bit of background and feel free to check out the site…

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    The History of Mullaghmore

    Here’s a great little article around the History of Mullaghmore by Shambles. It’s a pretty interesting read and great to see that the surf is giving back to the local community…

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    Random Uncategorized

    Pulling Trees

    My mate Matt and I had a fun day pulling trees out of a forest the other day. Going to get one of these beauties soon to help us in the…

  • Unknown-2

    Bike Week

    Heres a few shots from a cycle I was on to launch biking here.…

  • Random

    Fracking Concerns

    Friend of mine made this and wanted me to put it up. Not very positive but good to let people know what’s going on.  …

  • IMG_2067

    This the start of our under ground glass house… shit is getting weird in the community garden. Watch this space lots is happening at the moment.…

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    Kev’s out!

    My brother kevin went and broke his left leg doing a occy style cutback. Get well soon brother! If the series is a bit behind from now on that may be…

  • Random

    10 Trees that can Save the World!

    10 Trees That Can Save the World  is a movement inspired by Canadian environmental visionary Diana Beresford-Kroeger, her book “The Global Forest” and her personal mission to educate 7 billion people…

  • Random


    A few of my friends have been working on this book – it’s an annual business publication. I know it doesn’t sound great but it actually looks pretty interesting. They have…

  • Random Uncategorized

    Pro surfer and activist, Kyle Thiermann, takes a trip to the north shore of Oahu to find out how GMOs are impacting the land and the people on the Hawaiian Islands…

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    What Social Media is doing to us!

    This is a really interesting look into how Social Media and technology is effecting our psyche and our community. Really puts things into perspective.…