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Pulling Trees

My mate Matt and I had a fun day pulling trees out of a forest the other day. Going to get one of these beauties soon to help us in the garden. So cool!…


Bike Week

Heres a few shots from a cycle I was on to launch biking here.…


Fracking Concerns

Friend of mine made this and wanted me to put it up. Not very positive but good to let people know what’s going on.  …


This the start of our under ground glass house… shit is getting weird in the community garden. Watch this space lots is happening at the moment.…


Kev’s out!

My brother kevin went and broke his left leg doing a occy style cutback. Get well soon brother! If the series is a bit behind from now on that may be why.…


10 Trees that can Save the World!

10 Trees That Can Save the World  is a movement inspired by Canadian environmental visionary Diana Beresford-Kroeger, her book “The Global Forest” and her personal mission to educate 7 billion people about the trees outside their doors.  Through a…



A few of my friends have been working on this book – it’s an annual business publication. I know it doesn’t sound great but it actually looks pretty interesting. They have got a page on Kickstarter with a limited…